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[29 Mar 2006|10:37pm]
HEY~ its been forever since ive updated this thingy..
hmm life is FABULOUS right now.. gettin ready to graduate and head over to SouTH aLAbAma!! yessir!! im hella excited.
i fell in LOOOOOOOOOve!! gaa i really think this is the ONE. its PERFECT.
**chrIStoPheR arNEy**
yup thats my love!! its gREAT!! im excited.

umm yeah i guess thats all.
hit me up i lost my phone and have NOO numbers. omfgaaaaaa.

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upDatE [08 Dec 2005|02:58pm]
lets see update on my life..
party more..
and uh..
yeah party..
thats about it lately..
havent been doin much of anything else..
was in tha hospital sunday..
my body shut ddownn..
its gay..

um yeha bye.
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[29 Nov 2005|09:12pm]
i think imma break
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[24 Nov 2005|10:47am]
new number...


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[09 Sep 2005|02:19pm]
im alive.. my house is gone.. it sucks..

call me.. let me know whats going on..

i feel lost..

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o0h shit. [28 Aug 2005|07:38am]
[ mood | ------scared ]

yall be careful during this storm. its effin scary dude. we are leaving tonite i think and i have NO idea where we are giong. but i live right by isle of capri so my dad siad we gotta go. its supposed to be worse than camille. which is scary as hell bc during camille my house got 4 feet of water in it. so yeah. im praying this isnt going to be that bad for us. good luck yall.



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[22 Aug 2005|09:31pm]
school then work.
wonderful day.
that is all.

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cute face long waist and a big behind [21 Aug 2005|11:57am]
[ mood | --better-- ]

just got home from the gym. i def feel better. i got to relieve some stress. i went by myself and this guy came up to me and helped me with some stuff.
imma hit the shower. i am really hot and gross feelin. so yeah. um today i have like no plans so if you know of somethin fun to do. def hit me up.



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what it is yo? [20 Aug 2005|10:44pm]
[ mood | -pisssed- ]

omfgosh im PISSED.
i hate work.
tj is pissin me off.
and some trifflin bitch who is the cooks wife wants to beat my ass bc she said i was rude to her on the phone. she effin calls every 5 minutes. its bull shit. im so OVER it. so i finally said somethin so now she wants to beat my ass. yeah shes like 20 somethin and has 2 kids. can you say... TRASHY?

wateva h0e.

lifes a fuckin bitch.


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[19 Aug 2005|06:17am]
i cant take this again.

its gonna hurt like hell.


i hope it doesnt happen.
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[18 Aug 2005|06:05am]
i dont feel good.

schools gonna suck.


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i spread my wings and learn how to fly.. [17 Aug 2005|03:03pm]
went to the gym. twas fun. i am sore as hell but it was def worth it. im pumped. im thinkin about goin 3 or 4 days a week. im excited. yesss. then i went to TJs house. watch man apart or something like that. with vin diesel. it was interesting. i got lost though. haha. so yeah def didnt follow what was going on. i played baseball with river. (TJs lil brother) hes so cute. i <3 him. ahha. went and got erica. came home pASSED out. yesS. gotta work today. fun stuff. faSho. gotta lot of homework. bleh. anyway im out. love.
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[13 Aug 2005|09:38pm]
def joined worlds gym. if you go there hit me up. i need a work out partner.
umm no destin tomorrow. bleh. instead horn island with tj.
work sucked. of course. were busy as hell then the effin air broke.
ickk. was so hot. i was pissed.
party out off of hwy 15 tonite. im thinkin yeAh.

um hit me up.
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thin waist witha big behind.. [13 Aug 2005|09:07am]
worked last night. blah. it sucked. some drunk guy came in and was harassing me. kept sayin he LOVES brown eyes and that he will do anything for a girl with brown eyes. ick. i was gonna throw up. came home and went to bed. i gotta go to work at 10:30 which sucks but i get off at 3. then imma go to the gym. church. then wally world. to get groceries for destin. and on sunday we are headin to destin at 6 in the morning. fun stuff. shall return tomorrow night in time to get some rest for school monday.
havent seen TJ since ummm. tuesday. bleh. makes me sad. but whatev i shall see him tonite. yesS.

anywh0 i gotta get ready for work. call me up tonite if yah wanna do something.

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take me as i am [10 Aug 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | :] ]

im happy.

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drivin slow on sunday mornin. [09 Aug 2005|04:27pm]
school has been alright.. i absolutely cant stand my spanish 2 class.. i def should have taken that class my junior year bc now im stuck with a bunch of sophmores.. bahh.. they are so immature.. atleast i have chelsa.. shes a junior.. yeaH.. umm.. blah im bored.. i am doing laundry.. fun stuff.. im thinkin about going to tj's house.. i dunno.. hes so great.. <3.. i guess thats all really.. not shit has happend thats been interesting.. so yeahh..

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drop it down low and pick it up slow.. [06 Aug 2005|09:46am]
[ mood | blehh ]

school started thursday.. i have good classes.. thank gosh.. my teachers all seem pretty cool so far.. so yeah i def got lucky..


i worked last night.. umm today i take my senior pics.. bleh.. and i may have to work tonight.. bleh.. im sick of working seriously..

anyway i need to shower and get ready.. talk to yah later..
hit me up.. 326-2842..


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sometimes the butterfilies still hit me.. [03 Aug 2005|10:10pm]
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh school tomorrow..


see yaW later..
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youve got my head spinning.. [02 Aug 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | --happy-- ]

summer was fun. school starts in two days. fuck. alottta shit went down this summer. it was crazy. hookups, breakups, drunken nights. i learned alot over this summerbreak and i think i matured alot. i think i finally know what i want in life. crazy.

TJ. hmm. whats there to say. i really like him and i have NO idea how he feels towards me. but it doesnt even bother me. thats insane. when im around him i get caught up in him. and thats all im worried about at that moment. ahhh.

jada is on her way over. i just got home from TJs. had fun. gotta go pick up erica at 12 or so. bleh that sucks bad. but whatev right. um so yeah. i wish i knew my schedule.

anywh0 hit me up. LOVE YAH.

i dont know why i cant keep my eyes off of you.

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i cant keep my eyes off of you.. [01 Aug 2005|09:45am]
school starts thursday.. thats insane.. we are SENIORS.. hell yesss.. lately ive been kinda down and stressed.. but im better now i suppose.. yesterday i went and got my nails done.. came home and then i went to jada's.. visited for a bit and then headed over to TJs house.. got there and we hung out for a few then went to the mellow mushroom to eat.. twas fun.. haha.. it was CrUNk.. lol.. went back to his house watched some TV then i came home..
it was nice.. he apologized for being such an ass to me the other night of his show.. so it was cool.. i felt alot better towards him after that.. i really like him and i dont know if i should let myself or not.. but i really do.. ahhh.. we arent boyfriend/girlfriend, but its like an understood thing where we dont hook up with other people or anything like that.. i dunno..

i talked to chris last night as well as the other night.. thanks for listenin to me.. ahha.. <3

anywh0.. i guess imma get off here.. i need to get dressed.. blehh.. hit me up..

later h0s..
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